Get High On Life Youth Program

We help youth who are unhappy, depressed, abused, dislike school, feel left out, bullied, shut down, seem disinterested in everything, are gravitating to dark music/ games/ literature, are showing signs of withdrawal, plummeting grades, anger issues, etc.

Parents! Before it's too late, pull them back from the brink! Moms and Dads, right NOW you have the opportunity to turn their lives around. Before they're on drugs, before they drop out, before they attempt suicide or get pregnant. NOW is the time to intervene. They won't open up to you, but they will to us. I've coached thousands of teens and preteens and am the expert on early intervention.  

This course is the key to the lock that turn youth into the leaders God meant them to be!

Youth will have fun while learning about:

πŸ‘‰Building Self-esteem
πŸ‘‰Communicating better with themselves, peers and parents
πŸ‘‰Managing their emotions
πŸ‘‰Increasing their study skills
πŸ‘‰Getting along better with parents, family and friends
πŸ‘‰Having positive attitudes
πŸ‘‰Life and job direction
πŸ‘‰Finding mentors for all areas of life
πŸ‘‰Setting and attaining goals

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A little bit about us

We help students who don't feel good enough, depressed, compare themselves with others and are not comfortable in their own skin become confident, free in who God made them to be, successful and alive. We are like a key to open the door to their extraordinary potential.

Bill McGrane is the author of the Get High On Life program and President of McGrane Global Centers. Maddie McDaniel teaches Get High On Life at Heritage Academy. Bill and Maddi will present together.


Student manual and lunch included

DATE: Saturday, March 11

TIME: 9:00 AM to 5 PM (EST)


Graduation Ceremony: 4:00 to 5:00 PM 
Parents, grandparents and guardians are encouraged to attend the Graduation Ceremony and learn how to reinforce and support your children.

ADDRESS: Heritage Fellowship

Media Room 
7216 US-42, Florence, KY 41042

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